Hybrid Living is the evolving blend of in-person  and remote experiences that each individual, family, household and workplace is adopting in response to our changing world. 

Hybrid-Living.com is the life- and work-style portal that helps you determine your unique mix of in-person and remote tools. This portal features thought leadership and best practices, along with a selection of resources to enrich your hybrid life.
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been forced to address unexpected challenges that have accelerated personal and workplace shifts to virtual methodologies. Since the pandemic’s explosion across the globe and in the US, we have seen harsh repercussions in the economy and healthcare system, and witnessed the suffering caused by resource disparities. While many have been forced to live with unexpected, unwanted or unimaginable changes, we’ve found many new ways to create and adapt.     

We will examine how these changes impact the public’s daily experiences, feelings, relationships, commitments and resource needs. The selection of information and articles you’ll find here reflects on the challenges facing global society, and shares suggestions on ways to leverage opportunities for optimal living and working. We hope you’ll find ideas here that contribute to accelerating change and enabling disruption in ways that improve your work life, home life and social life.   

Work Life

A deep dive into the functionality and interaction of teams; the shifting needs and roles of the individual worker, as well as the evolution of corporate culture.

Home Life

Resources that support your exploration, planning and action to meet your individual and family needs.

Social Life

For perspective and analysis on how COVID-19 has changed our social lives and what the future may hold.