No more live events. No more socializing in person (without physical distance and a mask). Sports seasons canceled, as we know them. Who could have imagined that our social lives would crash to a sudden halt in March 2020? While we count on all of it coming back, none of us can be certain when that will be and what changes will become permanent. 

In late spring, some restaurants began opening for outdoor only seating, and some cities and towns allowed indoor dining with physical distancing and mask requirements. Major League Baseball got creative with a short season. The NBA moved its entire season and league to a single venue in Orlando. New digital graphics and experiences were produced to enhance the fan experience with hopes of motivating the players and helping them overcome the absence of fans.

No one could have anticipated that most everyone who works in live theater or music would be jobless for a year or more? Consumers are watching all kinds of special live events to substitute for music, comedy, theater, dance and more. Some have produced creative live programming editing together or arranging simultaneous performances virtually across multiple locations. Indeed, our many sources of entertainment have been disrupted, and once-thriving industries are scrambling to stay afloat. 

The articles in this section provide perspective and analysis on how COVID-19 has changed our social lives and what the future may hold. We’ve compiled a list of resources  to keep you informed on the many entertainment activities that can help you keep your sanity during this challenging time. It is problematic and imperfect, but our creativity has been nothing short of remarkable as we navigate this unprecedented situation. Enjoy!